Wabi House--a Great Fall Choice!

We've been looking for a new fall go-to comfort soup spot, and (now that it's not a construction zone thanks to Dallas' finest) we decided to try Wabi House. The open air concept they have going on is really nice and makes the otherwise small restaurant seem more spacious. The beer selections are pretty standard (Bud Light, Miller Lite etc.) and they don't have a tap system, which was somewhat ironic since they're next door to a craft beer kitchen. The food selections are limited to ramen for main courses, and appetizers were all over the place - shishito peppers, fried octopus balls, fried chicken. We skipped the appetizers and went right for the ramen. I ordered the tonkotsu and added

Bishop Cider Co.'s Crackberry

Hands down one of my favorite ciders, especially during Fall in Texas where your want colder weather but are stuck with muggy 90-degree days in late October. It's a ruby-colored cider, and most of the fruit notes are berry, unlike more traditional ciders having pronounced apple notes. Instead, Crackberry mainly has notes of berries (black, blue, raspberry etc.) and is extremely refreshing, with just the right amount of effervescence. In short, it's just about as addictive as crack - hence the name. Anytime this is on the tap list, it's worth giving it a try.

Tasting wine blind, in a wig . . .

When you combine 14 fantastic wines, a blind-tasting challenge, and Donald Trump / Hillary Clinton costumes, there's really no telling what'

Grapevine Craft Brewery Tropical Double IPA: A Very Tasty Effort

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of IPAs. I don't mind super-hoppy--especially on a cooler day--but prefer citrus and/or tropical notes when it's hot out. Recently, at LUCK in Trinity Groves, I had an opportunity to try one I've never had before: Grapevine Craft Brewery's Tropical Double IPA. Now, a few things on this. First, it's infused with blood orange and mango as part of the fermentation process. Second, it's a double IPA, so it kicks off something like 8.5% ABV, while still tasting extremely smooth due to the double grain bill it takes to brew. All-in-all, I thought it was a very solid effort, and paired great with the LUCK burger. Third, it's evidently a derivative beer of G

Monta Ramen - From Vegas to Dallas

From the outside, the only thing you would expect from this place is a bad case of food poisoning, or maybe the chance to get 1-hour business cards. As unassuming as it looks (it's in a run-down strip center, after all), this has some of the best Ramen in Dallas. We showed up a few minutes before they opened and were greeted with a jovial “Kon’nichiwa!” Good thing we showed up early because within a half hour the place was PACKED. The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. And they seem genuinely happy to have you, which is nice. Monta plays to the younger crowd with hip décor including a giant chalk mural with a fire-breathing emperor stirring a giant bowl of ramen. One cool thing

Adventurous Fare at East Dallas' Urbano Cafe

We often frequent Urbano Cafe, located on Fitzhugh in East Dallas. Number one, it's super convenient. Number two, it's BYOB. Number three, they are one of the few restaurants in DFW that regularly have seared duck breast on the menu (I'd like to believe they succumbed to our pressure when we threatened to bring our own). And the food is usually solid, tasty, and a great value. Now, they often change the menu seasonally to allow for the availability of things like figs, squash, etc. But they do keep fairly consistent regular and "blackboard" menus--just shifting the sides and accompaniments to account for seasonality. Friday was different. For the first time in a long time, Urbano had s

Haymaker Grill is Open for Business

We try not to go to grand openings of restaurants--preferring to let them figure things out for a couple of weeks before showing up and critically rating the place. We possibly should have waited a little bit longer for Haymaker. Now let's be clear--it wasn't bad. Not at all. We went on a Sunday afternoon for a late (2:30 p.m.) lunch. We figured the brunch crowd would be headed out, and the football crowd would be headed in. We were hoping to get food and drinks ordered between the two. Did I mention we were working on taxes all day? So yea, we were really hungry, and needed something to drink. Especially drink. We found a table on the open patio and ordered a pitcher of beer (they w

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