Lakewood Landing: A Dive Bar We'll Never Land at Again

Readers of these pages know that we are a sucker for a good dive bar experience. We love Ships Lounge, we're at Cock & Bull more than we care to admit, we always enjoy going to Adair's Saloon, we've gone to City Tavern for years, and we worship at the altar that is Louie's. So, when we moved to the neighborhood, we were naturally excited to frequent Lakewood Landing and make it a regular hangout. We'd heard great things from neighbors, and saw generally good reviews for food, drinks and service. What made us try the Landing first was the fact they were open late nights. One night, when both of us were super hungry, the restaurant we used to go to for cheese fries was closed. Knowing the

Tournedos Rossini: A Great Way to Spend a Friday Night at Home

This past Friday night, Natalie and I wanted to do something special, but wanted to stay home. It had been a crazy week, and we just didn't want to navigate the whole "last minute reservations" scenario. SO, what to do? Cook at home! Seems simple, except that we wanted something that was every bit as good as what we could find at a fine restaurant--just without the fine restaurant. Enter Central Market--our local neighborhood grocery store (like our version of Cheers--where everyone knows our name). Without much direction walking in, we were quickly offered our pick of their recent shipment of Perigord black truffles from France, and that shaped our dinner plans. We quickly settled on T

Cock & Bull: A Great Neighborhood Pub

C&B is one of our favorite places to eat in Lakewood, and we think is one of the most underrated spots as well. We like it for so many reasons - the jukebox, the hole-in-the-wall atmosphere, the people watching late at night, and (most importantly) the food. We view C&B as our own version of Cheers - the neighborhood bar where everybody knows your name. We come here for brunch, lunch, and late night dinner, seven days a week. The great thing about their menu is that there's an option for whatever pub food you're craving - a Chicago dog (which is fantastic), a Reuben, a burger, a grown-up grilled cheese, a gyro... the list goes on. Although most restaurants with this type of variety often

The Perfect Scotch for the Perfect Sunday Morning

We recently visited a friend's family ranch in the Hill Country for a weekend of deer hunting. It was a good time with great friends. And it was a time to re-live an annual ritual--sitting silently in the frigid dark of a deer blind, sipping scotch, waiting for dawn to come. The experience went something like this: Waking up at 6:00 a.m. on one of the coldest days of the year. Catching the steel bed frame with my shin in the darkness--twice. Struggling to quietly put on as many layers of clothes as I can manage, with a boiler suit on top of it all, to fight the 14 degree weather. Driving out to the blind to wait, with the cold wind tearing at my exposed face. I'm left at the blind, an

The New Craft Beer Cellar is Worth the Visit

We recently checked out the new Craft Beer Cellar in Lakewood--a cool new beer shop and tap room in Old Lakewood that sits in a spot that used to be inhabited by a Papa John's Pizza, right next to another favorite spot of ours, Cock & Bull. The place has been highly anticipated, and well-received, and we wanted to know what the hype was all about. When we walked in, we were immediately greeted by a complimentary beer tasting, with several different types of luxury / craft beer for us to try. There was a red ale, a stout, a cherry lambic, and a hefeweizen. All were good, but we settled on the lambic to take home. Which leads us to another great feature of Craft Beer Cellar--while they car

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