Weinberger's is Pretty Wonderful

My co-workers in Fort Worth have been raving about Weinberger's for months. An unexpected trip over to that part of town led me to venture into this small, discreet NY-style deli in the middle of Grapevine's town square. Best decision I've made in a while. Weinberger's is your classic New York deli, complete with cuban sandwiches, hot french dips, and (you guessed it) the reuben. Walking in instantly takes you back in time to delis of old you've seen in black and white photos. Old signs are hung everywhere - you can taste the nostalgia. Weinberger's is family run, and these guys are very passionate about their sandwiches and service. You can't help but smile as they each fill their

Wagyu Pot Roast: A Simple (and Delicious) Weeknight Meal

If you read these pages, you know that we're often fans of truffles, foie gras, turducken, caviar, etc. BUT, some people have asked us what we would recommend for a simple weeknight meal when you barely have time for 1 course, rather than 5. So, we thought we'd put something together that is simple, delicious, and almost universally loved. Yes, you guessed it: Pot Roast, with mashed potatoes and gravy! Now the key to great pot roast is starting with a good piece of meat, and a high-quality pot. In our case, we found a steal of a deal on a beautiful Wagyu Chuck Roast at Central Market (if you're at the Lovers Lane store, ask for Sam, JC, Roland, or Ray in the meat department--they'll tre

Milk & Cream in East Dallas is a Sweet Treat

We've finally found what we didn't know we'd been missing now that the West Coast sensation that is Milk & Cream has come to Dallas. We always said if an ice cream shop were to open in our neighborhood, they would kill it. Milk & Cream seems to be doing just that - and rightfully so. Milk & Cream is a transplant concept from Orange County, CA, that specializes in "milky buns"--in essence a large glazed/unglazed doughnut, cut in half, and filled with a huge scoop of ice cream. You can choose toppings as well! Then, the entire concoction is warmed slightly (without melting the ice cream) so that you get a heavenly ying/yang of warm and cold, sweet, and lightly salty with every bite. A p

Mellow Mushroom: Like Pizza Hut, but Without Stuffed Crust

A few months ago, we were having a glass of wine at a local wine bar, and learned that a Mellow Mushroom was being built across the street (in place of a favorite Tex/Mex joint that had recently been torn down). I'd never heard of Mellow Mushroom, but since Natalie went to UT Austin for college, she was familiar with the concept. She'd only been a couple of times years prior, so we thought we'd try it out once it opened. We waited a couple weeks after they opened to let them find their sea legs, then went for dinner on a weeknight. An interesting thing struck us as soon as we walked in--they have a divider between the bar and the dining room (a large garage door), and even though there wa

Louie's Pizza--the G.O.A.T. Lives in East Dallas

All hail Louie's. The holy grail of dive bars. The greatest pizza and martinis in all of Dallas, maybe in the world. Our own version of Cheers, where everyone knows our name. We love this place and frequent it at least once a week. It's our comfort place, our celebration spot, and where we take friends visiting from out of town. It is quintessential old-school Dallas. We certainly miss Louie (God rest his soul) and are glad not much has changed since his passing. His mother still makes pies by hand in the back, the pizza crust and sauce are the same family recipe. They still serve beer in cans. And, we are thankful that Louie's now accepts Visa and Mastercard - a positive change

Top Knot = Top Notch

On a recent Sunday morning, we decided we needed to get out and grab brunch at a new, interesting spot. We'd hear a lot about this interesting place called Top Knot, located on top of Uchi in Uptown. It had great reviews, and had been open long enough to find itself and present its true colors when we visited. A glance at the menu sealed the deal--it was going to be a Top Knot brunch. We found the place easy enough, but parking is definitely challenging. Either get there early, or embrace the valet stand. Luckily, the valet was quick and efficient, and we were walking up the stairs to Top Knot in no time flat. When we walked on to the sheltered patio, we noticed it was spacious, and wi

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