Sa Sa Sushi is a Great Neighborhood Addition

Dallas is supposedly one of the best places to get sushi in the US, mainly because air cargo flights carrying freshly-caught and auctioned sushi-grade fish from Japan land at DFW Airport, before the cargo is split up and ferried to other cities around the country. By some estimates, sushi in Dallas is 1-3 days more fresh than anywhere else in the country. Especially in warm to hot months (about 9 out of 12) we love to have ceviche or sushi of some sort at least once per week. We've longed to have a good sushi option closer to our neighborhood, so obviously we were thrilled that the former Jerry's Wood-Fired Dogs location in the Lakewood Shopping Center on Gaston Ave. was transformed into

A Great Ceviche Recipe for Spring

Recently, our local Central Market had a pop up sale on Hawaiian fish flown (very) fresh direct from Hawaii. If you follow CM on Facebook, you watched the fresh fish journey unfold, from loading onto the plane after the auction to arriving at each store. The unique fish they won at auction were beautifully displayed whole in their display cases, and portioned for customers as the need arose. For some reason, even the tuna and swordfish looked extra special when placed next to these rarer varieties, which included two GIANT opah. We quickly decided we must take advantage of these offerings and make one of our favorite warm-weather dishes: ceviche. We decided to try it with opah this time

Ballast Point Peppermint Victory at Sea

Ballast Point, know pretty much universally for their Sculpin series of IPAs, has been on a distribution kick of late. While the new ownership has been criticized by some for cutting a corner here or there (now using pineapple powder rather than real pineapple for their Pineapple Sculpin, for instance), they do seem to want to expand their nationwide product stable beyond their traditional lineup. Enter Peppermint Victory at Sea. It's a beer that has been around for a few years seasonally, but has been hard to find outside of California and/or craft beer bars. We've seen a bottle or two in 22 ounce format, but never really on tap. Recently, we were lucky enough to find it available in growl

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