Napa Valley's La Toque Should Lose its Michelin Star

Thanks to a friend (Bryan Bond), we recently read a scathing review by Jay Rayner of one of the most expensive restaurants in the world. Reading about how Mr. Rayner believes Le Cinq, at the George V Hotel in Paris, should lose its Michelin stars (it currently has 3) reminded us of a terrible dining experience we had a while back at another Michelin-starred restaurant--La Toque, in Napa. In case anyone is planning a summer excursion to Napa, we thought we'd share our experience.Our hopes were high when planning a visit to La Toque. We planned our trip too late to get reservations at The French Laundry, or at The Restaurant at the Meadowood Resort (which I've dined at, and which is excelle

Tucker Town is the Best (non-Pecan Lodge) BBQ we've had in a Long Time

We've recently spent some time outside of Dallas, and had the opportunity to be in and around the Corsicana area a few times. Having never really visited Corsicana itself, we were completely unsure where we should eat, or if there was anyplace even worth eating at. Google didn't exactly help either. It pointed us to generic Mexican restaurants that were busy, but less than stellar. To put it kindly, we were unimpressed. We had almost lost hope on the possibility of good food when we noticed this small, rusty, open-air shed and semi-attached trailer with a sign reading "Best BBQ in Texas." Let's be honest, though--the small BBQ sign wasn't what caught our attention first. Instead, it w

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