A DiStirrbing Experience at Stirr in Deep Ellum

Ever in search of late-night dinner options, we recently found Stirr in Deep Ellum--a very chic and cool spot that epitomizes the best of new build-outs for a dining scene that is slowly getting better. Open for a couple months, we decided to give it a try. We had high hopes as we walked in the door. Beautiful decor, cool, industrial vibe, huge space, open concept kitchen off to the side, and a living room feel near the back of the dining room. Great center-island bar as well. Go upstairs, and you have a full-roof bar with great seating, awesome views, and room for several hundred of your closest friends. From a space perspective, they have everything going for them! Unfortunately, whi

Texas Monthly Gets it Way Wrong on Pecan Lodge

If you know us, you know we're huge fans of Texas BBQ. We love brisket and beef ribs, pork ribs and sausage. We're OK eating pulled pork, and chicken if we have to. In our opinion, smoked turkey, pork steaks, and any manner of other smoked meats may be tasty, but don't deserve to be included in the pantheon of Texas BBQ. We like authentic, beginning with beef and going from there. Whenever we travel, we try to visit local BBQ establishments to see whether they live up to the high standards set by our local favorite --Pecan Lodge. Now, we will disclose that we frequent Pecan Lodge all the time, and have for years. But when they first came onto the scene, we were skeptical--surely they weren't

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