Stoneacre Brasserie in Newport, RI is Fantastic!

We recently needed to travel to Newport, RI for a quick weekend trip. Whenever we're in Newport, we try to eat at what was then Stoneacre Pantry (now re-named Stoneacre Tapas) on Thames Street. We've been there too many times to count, and the food and service have always been amazing. One of our favorite Newport experiences was when the staff prepared us an 8-course black and white truffle dinner. So fresh. So delicious. Gorgeous food. So, it was no surprise to find that the Stoneacre team had now expanded to open Stoneacre Brasserie just off of Broadway. A word on the space itself--while Stoneacre Pantry's space could be described as "intimate," Stoneacre Brasserie set up shop in th

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