God, Wine, and the South

My early formative years were outside of the South--Colorado, Washington, D.C., Connecticut--and I didn't get to the "real" South until undergrad in South Carolina. Needless to say, both the state, and where I went to college, epitomized the "buckle of the Bible belt." Grad school in Dallas was different, but still in many ways similar. Dallas is a very modern, yet Southern city, that has more than its fair share of religion. But Texas seems to offer a different and more pragmatic and hospitable version of the South than elsewhere, which is something I recently had a chance to contemplate. Reading a year-old issue of a magazine named Good Grit (I'm way behind), I ran across an article ab

A Not so Happy New Year for Dallas Breweries

The City of Dallas strikes again. Last week, Bishop Cider Co.'s Cidercade, Noble Rey, and Peticolas all received unexpected visits from the Dallas fire marshal and were forced to close their tap rooms (hopefully temporarily), update their fire safety measures, and re-apply for new certificates of occupancy (which can take months to obtain). The City claims that it's just a coincidence all three were shut down in a one-week span, and that the breweries in general aren't being targeted. But with all 3 closing in the same week, that just seems too unlikely. And why now? All of the affected breweries have had tap rooms operating in full swing for 1-2+ years when they got shut down by the Ci

Paris Dining Preview--2017

Now that all of the holiday festivities are officially over, we have time to share about our recent 10-day trip to Paris that we were lucky enough to take between Thanksgiving and Christmas. While we did some sight-seeing, and that was definitely enjoyable, it was really a food and wine trip for us. And enjoy both we definitely did. While we'll post about specific experiences / restaurants over the coming days and weeks, we thought we'd offer a bit of a preview of some of our favorite experiences from the trip here. Street Food Paris is a great city for street food, and we decided we'd experience some of it during our stay. After landing early on a Thursday morning, we acclimated ourselv

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