10 Minute Meals: Paella

We love paella, but sometimes we don't have time to meticulously put a regular batch of paella together. When there really isn't a restaurant with good paella near where we live, what were we to do? Well, we decided to develop a quick "paella" recipe of our own! It works really well when you're in the mood for paella, without very much time, and is so simple even kids can put it together quickly. Now, Cameron has literally spent months in Spain, and we honeymooned there, so we know what you're saying: there's no freaking way you are going to make paella in 10 minutes. And with "traditional" ingredients, you'd be right. But, with a simple substitution, buying as many fresh (yet pre-chop

Stephan Pyles Flora Street Cafe: Great Food, Beautiful Atmosphere

We recently went to Chef Stephan Pyles’ Flora Street Café in the Arts District for that most rare of all Dallas meals—the post-symphony/opera/play dinner. (Don’t even get us started on restaurants that close their kitchen at 9:00 on weekends) Shocked it was open late after two separate events (one weekend, one weekday), we decided to give it a try. We’ve frequented Chef Pyles restaurants for years—ever since Cameron practically worked next door to his previous fine-dining establishment on Ross, the self-titled “Stephan Pyles.” And, we were always happy enough with the food we ordered. But, we were never really “wowed.” Despite being revered as a father of Southwestern cuisine, we felt t

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