An Embarrassment of Riches: Wines from 1982

Cameron had the unbelievable opportunity to go to a wine tasting recently with the theme "wines from 1982." Which just happens to be his birth year. California cab (and even merlot), port, and sauternes were all represented. And then there were the 1982 Bordeaux. Now, getting to try any 1982 Bordeaux is a real treat. Left bank or right, classified growth or not. They're all special and pretty difficult to find at this point (yes, that means Cameron is getting old). But to get to try 1982 first growth Bordeaux (and a super second growth)--that's really a rare treat. Potentially a once in a lifetime opportunity. Getting to try 3 out of 5 1982 first growths in one sitting?? That's unbelievable.

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