32 Yolks

We recently finished reading 32 Yolks, the memoir published by acclaimed chef Eric Ripert. You may know Chef Ripert as the 3-Michelin Starred chef of acclaimed New York City restaurant Le Bernardin. Or you may know him from various episodes of Anthony Bourdain's TV programs, where Chef Ripert often played the foil and best buddy on Tony's culinary adventures. 32 Yolks definitely shows a side of Chef Ripert that you don't see on TV. While dark at times, and sometimes sad, it certainly was eye opening and refreshingly honest. First, what's behind the somewhat funny book title, you may ask? Well, allegedly during Chef Ripert's first day as a commis cook at the famed Parisian restaurant La

Waffle House Wine Series

As many of you know, we do love Waffle House! Especially after a wine event. So why not combine Waffle House with a wine event? That, dear reader, is exactly what we've stated doing. Without further ado, enjoy our late night Waffle House Wine Series. Fun times are always had, even if the stemware isn't that great!

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