June 19, 2018

Lowest-Greenville has changed a lot in the years since we lived a block and a half away on Oram.  The bar scene first shifted, then largely disappeared.  Restaurants came and went.  And a few--like Nora, Blind Butcher, and Truckyard--showed they were there to stay.  Bu...

July 25, 2017

Feed Company Eatery & Bourbon Lounge on Lowest Greenville offered food that we unfortunately couldn't eat, and a nasty patron experience on top of that.

February 20, 2017

We've finally found what we didn't know we'd been missing now that the West Coast sensation that is Milk & Cream has come to Dallas.  We always said if an ice cream shop were to open in our neighborhood, they would kill it.  Milk & Cream seems to be doing just that - a...

December 19, 2016

We love Truck Yard during the day on weekends, where there's few rivals for your cold beer / live music dollar.  But, for some reason, we never remember that this place is a fantastic late-night option for food during the week.  One recent cold and dreary Wednesday nig...

December 12, 2016

One of our favorite places to hang out and have a beer is Ships Lounge--a legendary dive-bar off of lowest Greenville and Ross that has been a Dallas staple for decades (it holds the disputed title of oldest bar in Dallas).  We'd go, we'd bring cash, we'd listen to the...

October 30, 2016

We've been looking for a new fall go-to comfort soup spot, and (now that it's not a construction zone thanks to Dallas' finest) we decided to try Wabi House.  The open air concept they have going on is really nice and makes the otherwise small restaurant seem more spac...

October 16, 2016

We try not to go to grand openings of restaurants--preferring to let them figure things out for a couple of weeks before showing up and critically rating the place.  We possibly should have waited a little bit longer for Haymaker.

Now let's be clear--it wasn't bad.  Not...

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