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A Smoky Late-night at Armoury D.E.

Coolest place to have a late-night scotch or whisky in DFW--especially if you happen to like a good blowtorch every now and then. While they normally reserve the smoked glasses for their signature Old Fashioned, if you ask nicely (and compliment them on their quirky Netflix choices--have watched plenty of Archer episodes here) they'll give you a smoked glass with any respectable scotch or whisky ordered. But please, dear reader, don't order a scotch and _____ when you get the smoked glass. Just order one neat. MAYBE with a side of ice or water, if you HAVE to. The moral of the story is "respect the blowtorch," because it's an awesome and (for first-timers) unexpected addition to a great late-night hangout.

Smoked scotch glass at Armoury D.E. in Deep Elllum

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