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Haymaker Grill is Open for Business

We try not to go to grand openings of restaurants--preferring to let them figure things out for a couple of weeks before showing up and critically rating the place. We possibly should have waited a little bit longer for Haymaker.

Now let's be clear--it wasn't bad. Not at all. We went on a Sunday afternoon for a late (2:30 p.m.) lunch. We figured the brunch crowd would be headed out, and the football crowd would be headed in. We were hoping to get food and drinks ordered between the two. Did I mention we were working on taxes all day? So yea, we were really hungry, and needed something to drink. Especially drink.

We found a table on the open patio and ordered a pitcher of beer (they were offering Deep Ellum Dallas Blonde pitchers for $10--great deal). There wasn't much of a crowd, and we were literally right next to the bar. So when the beer didn't come out for 15 minutes, we were a bit annoyed. We didn't die of thirst, mind you. But, we were a bit annoyed.

Rack it up to beginner's luck we thought. So, we ordered. The menu is a little confusing, in that you don't necessarily get a bun unless you order one special (otherwise they provide Texas toast). I ordered a regular burger, but wanted double patties, bacon and a runny egg on it with a bun they advertise as freshly-baked that day. That got a quizzical look, but they said it was no problem on the egg and bacon front.

Double patty bacon burger at Haymaker Grill

So, we drink some beer, watch some pre-game football commentary, talk about various things, try not to think about taxes, start contemplating the meaning of life, and eventually break down and begin planning for our future children's college education. Then, finally, after another pitcher of beer is ordered, the food came. Finally. Around 40 minutes after we ordered. Late, but it looked good.

Burger at Haymaker Grill

The burger I ordered was massive, and really really good. Natalie's burger was great too. Her fries were tasty, as were my waffle-cut sweet potato fries. However, there weren't that many of either. A small hand-full of regular fries, and not many more of the sweet potato fries. The cheese sauce was a huge plus though, and the quality was great on everything.

A couple of thoughts on the indoor patio: it's right next to the outdoor beer garden. Which is great--love the huge garage doors giving you access to sunshine and a nice breeze. And still opportunities to see football on multiple TVs. Unfortunately, there were a MASSIVE number of smokers in attendance the day we went. That, and a light breeze, means that we now both have the black lung. So, it may be worth sitting inside the main dining room (unless you're one of those smokers, in which case, enjoy).

All in all, it was an OK experience. The food really was good, but they have some kinks to work out with a lot of other things.

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