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Wabi House--a Great Fall Choice!

We've been looking for a new fall go-to comfort soup spot, and (now that it's not a construction zone thanks to Dallas' finest) we decided to try Wabi House. The open air concept they have going on is really nice and makes the otherwise small restaurant seem more spacious. The beer selections are pretty standard (Bud Light, Miller Lite etc.) and they don't have a tap system, which was somewhat ironic since they're next door to a craft beer kitchen. The food selections are limited to ramen for main courses, and appetizers were all over the place - shishito peppers, fried octopus balls, fried chicken. We skipped the appetizers and went right for the ramen.

I ordered the tonkotsu and added bok choy and minced pork. The presentation was beautiful - perfectly balanced from a color and portion standpoint. It was just the right ratio of noodles to broth to toppings. Flavors were also perfectly balanced between earthy, tangy, and creamy. It comes with corn, which wasn't needed because you're already getting starch from the noodles. The egg was a nice addition - just parboiled enough to have some yolky-goodness. It would've been nice to add kimchi, but that's not on the menu. Nevertheless, it was just what I wanted for a light fall meal after a long day.

Wabi House Tonkotsu

Cameron ordered the spicy miso w/chashu (pork belly). The pork belly was more like pancetta - smoky and delicious. His egg was poached and it was MUCH needed to offset the scorchingly spicy broth. The broth was delicious, but the slow heat building up after each bite quickly became intolerable. It would be better if a heat level could be chosen up front rather than assume all diners have bionic taste buds (evidently you can choose regular or spicy, but we didn't know that at the time). If you need to clear your sinuses, this is the right option for you.

Wabi House Spicy Miso

We'll definitely be going back to Wabi House. We know how to tweak our menu selections now and can't wait to try it again. Fast service, excellent food, and a great location.

Wabi House

1802 Greenville Avenue

Dallas, TX 75206

(469) 779-6474

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