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E-Bar - Pretty good, but hold the onions.

Surprisingly good! We stopped in for a quick lunch but weren't expecting much. The first thing I judge a TexMex restaurant on is their chips and salsa - it's really hard to screw that up, so if the salsa is bad then that can only mean the food will be REALLY bad. I'm glad to say E-Bar had great, fresh salsa served with perfectly warm and crispy tortilla chips.

We were a little concerned about how the service was going to be since the guy at the table next to us flagged down our waiter to see how much longer his food would take. We quickly came to the conclusion that he was just a pompous jerk (based on eavesdropping on his other conversation, which included bashing Ship's Tavern. Never, EVER bad-mouth Ship's Tavern around us). Our server Brandon was attentive and quick - our mambo taxis came out in no time at all.

I ordered chicken fajita nachos and Cameron got the brisket tacos.

My nachos were pretty standard, and I was impressed by the generous amount of chicken and guacamole that came with it. I was less impressed with the more-than-generous amount of fajita onions that came with it. Especially when said onions were only about halfway cooked, which meant they tasted raw and potent. Way too overpowering for just

about any dish.

Cameron compared the brisket tacos to ones you would get at Taco Diner. They were tasty, slightly smoky, and very flavorful. As per usual with brisket tacos, restaurants never include quite enough avocado slices. They could've used some diced tomatoes or light onions (or both) to cut through the one-note richness. The dish came with a small container full of meat jous, which was absolutely delicious, but Cameron was unsure quite what to do with it. He ended up putting it on the tacos, which then became a bit of a soggy mess. All in all, his dish was slightly disjointed, but still tasty.

We'll likely be returning to E-Bar, if for no other reason than Happy Hour all day Monday, and $3 margaritas on Tuesday.

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