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Relish, at Klyde Warren Park

Natalie and I decided to walk down to Klyde Warren Park after lunch. It was a beautiful day, and probably one of the last shorts / t-shirt days of the year. Great sailing day!!

Tons of people were out and about, kids were running through the water features. Food trucks were super busy. And the dogs: they were happy, wagging, and everywhere. Simply put, joy was so palpable, you could cut it with a knife. And, to top it all off, people everywhere were drinking beer. 16 ounce glasses of beer. And not just within the walled-off confines of Savor, the resident "gastropub" at the park.

We've often wondered where you could get beer at the park. So we wondered around till we ran into Relish, an almost invisible window serving burgers, beer, hotdogs, and fries in the middle of the Southwest Airlines porch. Luckily, they had a beer stand sitting outside, and that's how we found them.

We didn't eat, because we were already full. But, the food did look pretty good. We did, however, order beers so we could sit and relax in the late fall sun. Natalie ordered a Bud Lite, which came in a 16 oz bottle served in a glass. I, however, ordered a Texas Ale Project 100 Million Angels Singing double IPA on draft. It's a fantastic beer, and hard to find on tap. Come to find out, they were the same price--$6.00 each! What a deal--especially for the T.A.P. beer. Next time you're in the park, stop by Relish for a cold one! We referred two couples while we were sitting there.

On another note, three guys sitting next to us playing a game called "Headbanz" (a game where you wear a card on your head and ask your friends questions to eventually guess your card) probably could have used a beer or two. Especially after one asked the other two whether his card pegged him as something that could be found at Bed Bath and Beyond. If I were his friend, he'd be buying! Maybe even two rounds.

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