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GlenDronach 15: A Fitting Tribute to Winston Churchill

As I sit watching episode 2 of The Crown on Netflix, where King George VI passes, and Princess Elizabeth becomes the new monarch, I have a moment to reflect upon life. As a student of history, I have always been fascinated with the life and career of Winston Churchill, with whom I share a name (in my case, my middle name). Sir Winston's eulogy for the King--depicted in the episode--was fitting, touching, and powerful, even though it was delivered when Churchill was a very aged man, and under attack by those in his own party. As Churchill was always a fan of Scotch, I felt I needed to pour a glass in his honor. In this case, I chose 15 year GlenDronach, a bottle I purchased the last time I was in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Floral, vanilla, rose and honeysuckle on the front of the palate. Notes of tangerine and orange rind later. Very smooth finish, with very little bite. White pepper at the very end of the palate. Lovely effort, from a small but refined house. Enjoy with a cigar, or while watching a dignified recreation of British history.


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