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Truck Yard for Dinner??

We love Truck Yard during the day on weekends, where there's few rivals for your cold beer / live music dollar. But, for some reason, we never remember that this place is a fantastic late-night option for food during the week. One recent cold and dreary Wednesday night, we decided to try it out. They serve food until 11:30 PM. Although the food trucks are long gone by then, let’s face it – the only thing consistently worth eating at the Truck Yard is their signature Philly Cheesesteak. It’s truly one of the best we’ve had.

Everything is super fresh – even the steak is brought in each day and hand shaved. For the perfect sandwich, order as follows: Steak, mushrooms (extra mushrooms), onions, green pepper, jalapeno, and Cheeze Whiz (AKA nacho cheese). They have other options, but how can you beat this setup??

The line cooks are pros when it comes to making these epic sandwiches on the griddle. They pile the meat on, then add the veggies, and then top with a freshly baked French roll. Once it’s had time to steam and cook through, they flip the roll onto a handy cardboard box and ladle a generous amount of Cheeze Whiz on top. We highly recommend paying the extra 70 cents for house-made peppercorn ranch.

You’ll definitely need some beer to break through the richness of the sandwich (seriously, it’s the size of a newborn child). And we love Truck Yard because they only carry local craft beer on tap (along with Moscow Mules and Margaritas on tap--brilliant!). The pitchers are decently priced and the pours are generous. If you’re not in the mood for a craft beer, they also have domestics in a can.

Overall, we love the Truck Yard, day or night. It’s family and dog friendly, and is one of the few places in Dallas that offers live-music every Saturday and Sunday for free. We’ve found some great bands through the Truck Yard that we’ve had perform at neighborhood events and parties. Truck Yard is a tiny piece of Austin eclecticism, right in the heart of Dallas. Even if you're there for a late-night dinner.

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