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Glen Keith 1992--a Wonderful Scotch

Even with the recent holidays, the parties, the dinners, the travel, and everything surrounding the same, I took some time to reflect on life over a nice glass of scotch. When it's frigidly winter out, there are few things better. And, of course, in Texas you can always dream of patio weather being just around the corner. In short, it was a great time to try some fabulous single malt scotch that Natalie got me for my birthday a couple of years ago. On this day, I decided to go with Glen Keith 1992. A special cask-strength bottling by Signatory, it had been matured for 22 years in a bourbon oak barrel when it was finally bottled. As the bottling is single-barrel and limited to a single cask, there are very few bottles in existence.

The dram was really delicious. It proved nutty and oaky on the nose, with vanilla, clove, clover, sweetened/condensed milk, milk chocolate, white pepper, cedar, charred wood and spicebox. It had a great viscous bite, denoting a scotch at 50.6% abv. Lovely effort for sure! Strong but fully mature and very smooth. It provided a lovely warming glow each time I took a sip.

More than just a chance to drink a fine scotch, the moment offered a chance to reflect on history. Sitting in a room built 100 years ago, formerly inhabited by some of the city's most philanthropic and interesting residents. Breathing history as we renovate, improve, expand. Thinking of what the world looked like in 1992, when I was in 5th grade. Contemplating what has so drastically changed in my life, and with the world in general, as well as what has stayed remarkably the same. The realization I came to is that while life can be hectic, busy, often frustrating, and even chaotic, if you take just a little time to relax and reflect (preferably with a wee dram of something nice), life is pretty good.


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