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Weinberger's is Pretty Wonderful

My co-workers in Fort Worth have been raving about Weinberger's for months. An unexpected trip over to that part of town led me to venture into this small, discreet NY-style deli in the middle of Grapevine's town square. Best decision I've made in a while. Weinberger's is your classic New York deli, complete with cuban sandwiches, hot french dips, and (you guessed it) the reuben. Walking in instantly takes you back in time to delis of old you've seen in black and white photos. Old signs are hung everywhere - you can taste the nostalgia. Weinberger's is family run, and these guys are very passionate about their sandwiches and service. You can't help but smile as they each fill their role in the ordering process - one person to take the order, another to assemble, and another to man the cash register. People from all walks of life frequent this joint - from well-dressed business men, to the retired community, to the folks in shorts and a t-shirt just looking for a great lunch option. Always a good sign. I went with the classic reuben. Never a fan of Russian dressing though, I opted to go with house-made spicy mustard instead. The sandwich came out much quicker than I expected it would. It was everything I ever wanted in a reuben. The marbled rye was the perfect combination of soft and crunchy. The corned beef was perfectly seasoned and tender, without being too salty. The sauerkraut was crunchy, tangy, and fresh. To top it all off, the melty swiss cheese made this an instant comfort food staple. I was hooked. Big time.

May this be the first Weinberger's experience of many. Up next on my list will be the Mark Cuban, the Mustang, and the French Dip. Next time you're in the area--or even if you aren't--Weinberger's is definitely worth the trip.

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