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Milk & Cream in East Dallas is a Sweet Treat

We've finally found what we didn't know we'd been missing now that the West Coast sensation that is Milk & Cream has come to Dallas. We always said if an ice cream shop were to open in our neighborhood, they would kill it. Milk & Cream seems to be doing just that - and rightfully so. Milk & Cream is a transplant concept from Orange County, CA, that specializes in "milky buns"--in essence a large glazed/unglazed doughnut, cut in half, and filled with a huge scoop of ice cream. You can choose toppings as well! Then, the entire concoction is warmed slightly (without melting the ice cream) so that you get a heavenly ying/yang of warm and cold, sweet, and lightly salty with every bite. A pretty phenomenal concept that is pretty different from the traditional ice cream sandwich!

It was a warm, muggy day when we decided to venture to this quaint little spot just off of Ross and Greenville Avenues. It's two doors down from Ships Lounge (another of our favorites). That area has now developed into a pretty cool hangout spot, and looks like it will only get better in the coming years. We didn't have any trouble parking (unlike other commentators), but did find a substantial line snaking its way through the shop.

The first thing you notice when you walk into Milk & Cream is that it's small. With 2 benches in the entire shop, there isn't really a place to sit. However, seating isn't 100% necessary, as you won't take long to devour your ice cream "bun." They're just really that good. We loved the giant wall mural of the Dallas skyline and the "Selfie Wall" (a genius way to promote the restaurant). Sometimes simple is best when it comes to decor. This exudes clean and cool. All in a former paint store!

They have a great selection of ice cream to choose from. Some simple (vanilla bean), some a bit more exotic (the purple "cookie monster" and matcha green tea). And, you can choose a glazed or unglazed bun, or just a cone or cup of ice cream if you aren't feeling the bun at the moment. We went with the signature glazed bun filled with strawberry ice cream. We thought of adding sprinkles, but wanted to be healthy, so held back. Everyone has to have their boundaries, right?? We're so glad we decided to split it because the glory that is a "milky bun" is, as you would guess, super rich. The donuts were warm, soft, and pillowy. The sweet glaze mixing with the salty and lightly chewy dough. A decadent juxtaposition to the cold ice cream that was fresh, and full of real strawberries. Thankfully, the fresh strawberries in the ice cream offered some reprieve from the sugar rush from the heavy glaze. This was so unique. So wonderful. So different from anything else available in DFW.

Though our Milk & Cream experience was short-lived (we were finished in 15 minutes), we plan to come back--especially now that summer is right around the corner. All of the customers we saw left raving about how good this place is. We certainly agree and highly recommend Milk & Cream to anyone with a sweet tooth.

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