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Springbank 10: Something I've Never Tried Before

The saying goes that there is nothing new under the sun. And that's probably true. Especially with regard to Springbank 10--a scotch that's been around for ages. That said, it is somewhat hard to find, expensive for what it is, and certainly a dram I had not yet tried. So, I thought I'd give it a taste out of a couple of convenient sample bottles a friend so kindly stopped by.

The nose has rosewater, perfume, and hints of spicy lychee. Very complex. The palate is extremely interesting, and really nothing like any other scotch I own, have tasted, or regularly enjoy (don't have any Campbeltown right now). First of all, you can immediately tell you're drinking a higher proof whisky than the minimum 40% some stick with. 46% abv may not be cask strength, but it's much closer than some. Which is why the Springbank has such character. Immediately upon hitting the tongue, you get spicy peppermint notes, mixed with some juniper and resin. White pepper follows, finishing with light peat and some nutty and iodine notes. Extremely lovely effort, and one I plan to add to my permanent collection for sure. Light, but still has the character you would hope for in a high quality dram. Buy what you can before this becomes too popular!


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