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Daily Drinker Report

We can't all drink Krug all the time (ok, we know a couple people who can and do, but we digress). So, for us mere mortals, there is the daily drinker.

Now, the daily drinker is often a young, undistinguished wine people drink while cooking, watching TV, or for lunch (or breakfast--we don't judge here). While price range varies pretty widely person to person, for most of us they cost between $10 and $40 per bottle. Anything less, and you're in the scary world of box wine and $2-buck chuck. Anything more, and you run into some wines that are much tastier than the normal daily drinker. Perrier-Jouet is $40/bottle, after all. They're basically priced at a point where you can drink 2 bottles/day, without hurting your bottom line.

While few talk about daily drinkers, they're worth discussing because so much volume is consumed. Don't believe us--well you should just see our recycling bin!! So, we're planning on a somewhat regular series here on what to drink, and what not to drink, when you're rolling through Central Market, having a glass for lunch at Jimmy's, or watching Netflix. Daily drinkers have feelings too, and we're here to talk about them.

Our first foray into writing about the world of daily drinkers was a Merlot from Washington's Columbia Valley: 2016 Skyfall. At roughly $15 per bottle, this falls near the lower end of quality daily drinkers.

For being so young, this is surprisingly mellow. Definitely jammy and lush, with bright blueberry and strawberry notes throughout the palate. Not a fancy or complex wine, but very drinkable. Pretty tasty actually, and definitely worth drinking now--it's not going to get any better, that's for sure. We'd give this an 87-88. Not too bad. It wouldn't hurt to let it breath a little before drinking, but we certain would recommend as a solid daily drinker.

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