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Somm III was a Great Movie

Natalie and I were lucky enough to see this last night, thanks to an invite from a good friend. While different from the first two movies, it did focus on what is most important in the world of wine. Not whether a wine gets huge scores. Not whether it's highly allocated. Not whether it has a trendy winemaker or a good story to tell. It focused almost solely on taste. Blind taste actually. Devoid of bias based on brand or price or rarity or even region or country. It just focused on whether the wines in question tasted good. And, for the most part, they did it seemed. I think that's what we sometimes forget, as we're studying for certifications, learning to pick out grape characteristics, and scanning restaurant lists for unicorn bottles. We forget to taste and enjoy the wine we drink. 

We just got back from Spain, where excellent wine on a Michelin-starred restaurant list can be as inexpensive as $20. And almost without exception, the wines we tasted during our entire trip were good. Really good in fact. I think that's what Somm III is really about:  giving up pre-conceived notions about wine, and just enjoying it when it's good. 

Consequently, we were lucky enough to get to blind the bottles you see below after the movie. I got them completely wrong (Natalie did much better), but boy were they tasty! So cheers to everyone in Somm III. Keep tasting--and enjoying--wine!

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