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Waya - Our New East Dallas Ramen Spot

Always on the hunt for good ramen spots in Dallas, I was excited to give Waya Japanese Izakaya a try. It's located next to one of our other local favorites, SaSa Sushi. Parking is almost always available - a huge plus when living in a valet-centric city.

I went for lunch and opted for the Wing (pork) Gyoza and the Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen. The Gyoza was unique in that it had a light, crunchy top. Otherwise, it was a normal potsticker with the standard dipping sauce.

The Ramen came out piping hot and in a timely manner. The broth was flavorful and had just the right amount of heat. Spinach was an interesting addition which didn't contribute much in the way of flavor. The eggs and pork were slightly overcooked, but overall were fine. I don't believe the noodles were hand pulled, but they were cooked perfectly nonetheless.

All in all, is Waya going to knock the socks off anyone? Probably not. But it's a solid, inexpensive, and tasty option for a quick bowl of ramen. The service was great and the overall quality of the food matched the affordable price. We're always glad to welcome a new East Dallas restaurant and will go back to Waya for sure.

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